sexta-feira, 1 de maio de 2009

Seriously, who they think they are?

Is it only happening to me or the men you usually keep in touch with are suffering from a ego boast? Are they reading too many self-help books? 'Cause they aren't all that and I doubt women are throwing themselves at their feet, so...
Arrogant men. They piss me off. Specially when they aren't a sight for sore eyes.

sábado, 25 de abril de 2009


It might only be the delusions of a young adult, but I just can't help it. Sometimes, I kind of get this feeling that I've finally come to some kind of understanding about myself and my futre, an realization of some sort of, it's almost as if I'm prophesying.
So what I've come to realize is that I'll always be the one that for some time men will be interested, they might picture me as something more, as The One, but such feelings, its intensity will fade as time pass just like everything in this Earth. There might not even be a kiss shared, but they will love me, for my soul, for my uniqueness.
Maybe they might look back and think of me with cherish in their eyes, but they shall never try to persue anything again. No matter how much my heart desires or aches, their role in my life will be over after the last kiss, the last tear shed. They will never be the ones I'll call as mine, but I shall forever carry a part of them, of us, within me.
I'll have to remember of this prediction every time my heart gets bruised, never truly broken, 'cause, until the last minute, soul, mind and heart will refuse to break over a man. ''Lick your wounds, cry the rivers you have to, but always remember the practiced smiles and to keep your head high and then, finally, say goodbye'', I'll hear being whispered in my ear.
Sometimes it'll be me the one with looks of appreciation, almost nostalgic, but I'll have to bear my own conformed sad smiles, knowing it was simply not meant to be. I'll carry in my heart the knowing it's a sad, sad fate, I might not be always as understanding, but sometimes an old soul must comes to the terms with its destiny.

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quinta-feira, 23 de abril de 2009

Where is he?

Our mothers now make sure to say (to the girls, specially): ''Go to school, sweetie, you need to study''.

Well, my dears, I hope you know that there is a whole ingenious (men would rather prefer the word ''diabolical'') plan behind this simple phrase. It actually means: go to school, study your ass off, get into the market, make sure you're sucessful or at least, have the means for a very comfortable life in the future so you can get married and have kids, but never depend on your husband.

It's not a lie. It's not a rarity. But it was not a woman who made sure to remember me of it, but my History teacher, a male. I think even tough this ''plan'' now makes part of our genetic code (thank Godness!) not always do we instantly connect the dots.

The thing is, as he also reminded me, no matter how independent we wanna be, the bloody conception of ''prince charming'' is, too, inherent; it has not disappeared from our minds and heart either.

So, as Charlote York from Sex and the City said:
''I've been dating since I was 15. I'm exhausted. Where is he?"
Even if it just to say ''HEY, I don't need your money.''


''Only your sperm, bed skills and your good look.''

Cause we're living ...

'' 'Cause we're living in a material world
And I'm a ma-material girl!"

It will probably never be a sucessful blog, although a part of me wishes otherwise. I'll always oscillate between writing in portuguese and english -- it'll depend on how I'm feeling. What you need to know about me? The music quote above pretty much explains me. And no, I might be material and sometimes incredibly shallow, but I'm not a whore, thank you very much.
I hope however that you enjoy the ride.